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Quality, Health & Safety


True to our company tradition, we firmly believe that the quality of our work and our products is the basic requirement for our corporate success. The highest quality standard for our products is one of the pillars of our global success and the basis of our high-level customer satisfaction.

Our aim is customer satisfaction

We provide our customers with quality products that meet their purpose in every respect and fulfil all quality requirements to our customer’s entire satisfaction. This means that quality and quality assurance are material elements of our overall company policy.

Our Vision is target ZERO

The constant improvement of organizational, corporate and technical issues allows us to enhance the quality of our services and products. This forms the basis of optimizing our product and service quality as well as a high level of customer satisfaction and that is priority at AB Enzymes.

  • Environment
    • Zero waste: in respect of the carbon footprint, but also in respect of water and energy
  • Customer
    • Zero defects: related to customer expectations
  • Operational Excellence
    • Zero deviations: in respect of internal processes
    • Continuous improvement / Lean Six Sigma concept
  • Personal  Health and Safety
    • Zero LTI: in respect of Health and Safety

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility defines companies’ and organizations’ contribution to sustainable development. It stands for responsible behavior in business activities, ecological aspects, fair relations between people and the exchange of views with internal and external stakeholders.

It is AB Enzymes’ policy to promote integrity, openness, trust and high standards in our group of businesses.

ISO 26000:2010

At the end of last year, we implemented ISO 26000:2010 – Social Responsibility – as a reference standard that provides guidance for social responsibility throughout our organization in our operations and actions. It is not intended for certification purposes but it is used for our Corporate Responsibility policy.

We believe that this is a universally recognized scheme toward social responsibility. It includes the following core topics:

  • Organizational governance
  • Human rights
  • Labor practices
  • Environment
  • Fair operating practices
  • Downstream user and consumer issues
  • Community involvement and development

We underwent a third-party audit by an accredited certification body in the fall of 2016. A verification letter of this audit, which took place at our offices in Darmstadt, Germany and in the manufacturing company in Rajamäki, Finland, confirms that our organization follows the guidance of ISO 26000.

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AB Enzymes Code of Conduct 2017

A code of conduct is a set of rules outlining the proper practices for an individual, party or organization. It includes ethical, honor and moral codes.

Belonging to Associated British Foods, we follow the policies and principles that are described in the ABF Corporate Responsibility Report:

Our current Code of Conduct is available at the following link: AB Enzymes Code of Conduct Rev.1