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Supply Chain


As a global player, we run a fully integrated, global Supply Chain. We run our end-to-end supply chain operations with the objective of reliably fulfilling customer demand with a supply of high quality products. We are constantly balancing the multi-faceted challenges of supplying our customers across different business segments and geographies in an operationally excellent manner. This demands that we are consistently re-evaluating and improving our processes, our competences, our systems to develop new and better ways of making AB Enzymes a reliable supplier with whom it is easy to do business.

We work hand-in-hand with our manufacturing organization in Finland, as well as with our global sales & marketing workforce and customers and distributors around the world. Our customer service teams are located near you in our regional offices in Germany, the USA, in Brazil, Singapore and in China (please see here for our contact details). We work with leading certified external partners along the supply chain to maintain the high standards that we set.

Our team is truly international and exciting. It is made up of both highly experienced professionals with deep insight into our industry and understanding of our customers’ needs, as well as young, highly trained and ambitious professionals who challenge established ways of working and keep us on our toes. The team is made up of over 10 different nationalities, who work seamlessly together across all of our locations.