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Enzymes play an essential part in modern baking technology and have done so for many years. In many baking improver formulations enzymes are key technology products.  Enzymes used as processing aids in baking are the key differentiation factor for bakery improver manufacturers and a great source of product innovations and differentiation.

Our enzymes can help you in many ways, such as in process optimization, better dough handling, narrower process control, increased process speeds, cost effective flour standardization and lowering the cost in use of currently used ingredients or additives.

AB Enzymes and its sister company, ROAL have vast experience in research and development, production and application of speciality baking enzymes. We were one of the major explorers on the effect of xylanases in baking more than 30 years ago.

Today we offer a wide range of VERON® baking enzymes for different cereal based industries and application segments to give you optimum baking results.

Please send us a message for further information about our Baking enzymes.