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Machinability and Volume

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Our special xylanases convert the insoluble hemicelluloses of dough into soluble ones during the initial stages of the baking process before baking. These soluble hemicelluloses have a major influence on the gas retention capacity of wheat dough by promoting the formation of a gluten network and stabilise the gluten structure. AB Enzymes expertise helps characterise and further develop these enzymes on a continuous basis.

Selected xylanases produce stable, fluffy dough and voluminous loaves of bread with a soft and elastic crumb. As all-round enzymes they can be utilized with most varied baking methods and flour grades worldwide. Xylanase is used as a processing aid in the first steps of the baking process and is deactivated during the baking step by the heat of the oven.

Our product range for machinability and volume:

VERON® 191
Concentrated fungal xylanase obtains high baking volume and improved dough properties, recommended for use in combination with VERON® M4.

VERON® 292
Concentrated xylanase for dough extensibility, high baking volume even at low dosages, improved break-and-shred, soft and fine crumb structure.

VERON® 393
Concentrated xylanase for dry and stable dough properties even when using high dosages, high baking volume and improved performance in retarded and frozen doughs.

VERON® Special
Bacterial xylanase product. In combination with fungal amylase VERON® M4 excellent baking performance and dough properties are obtained.

Concentrated bacterial xylanase. Performance like VERON® Special.

VERON® 2000
Fungal amylase preparation with additional xylanase activities.

Fungal amylase product with fungal xylanase activity to obtain dry and stable dough properties in addition with high baking volume.

Fungal amylase preparation with additional bacterial xylanase activity for excellent baking volume and extraordinary soft crumb structures.