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Improve Freshness

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One of the main requirements for industrial bread production such as white pan bread and sandwich bread is improved freshness in order to meet consumers expectations.

Carefully selected starch splitting amylases and enzyme products contain secondary activities which influence the structure of the dough, permitting prolonged freshness or an increased shelf-life. They specifically cleave the starch structure and other constituents in a way that retro gradation and crumb softness is greatly improved. This happens all during the first steps of the baking process and the enzymes are deactivated during the baking step by the heat of the oven.

Our product solutions for increased freshness  are:

VERON® xTender
The next generation maltogenic amylase preparation that works by breaking down flour starch before the baking step in a highly effective enzymatic reaction; thus providing crumb softness over a longer period of time, improved elasticity and freshness, and an extra tender crumb texture compared to previously available maltogenic amylase products.

A classical Alpha amylase product with xylanase activities to obtain improved crumb softness in yeast raised baked goods. Furthermore improved dough properties, a better crumb softness and a high baking volume are achieved.

VERON® Amylofresh
Economic Amylase preparation for improved freshness of baked goods (e.g. bread, donuts, brioche)  by improving crumb softness and  creating a “freshly baked” mouth feel. It has demonstrated good performance in sweet baked goods such as donuts, muffins, sponge cakes and croissants to name but a few.