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Wafers, Biscuits and Crackers

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When protein-rich flour is used in wafer making, the batter becomes thick and the protein partially forms lumps, which in turn clog the sieves and pouring nozzles. AB Enzymes special proteases make the batter liquid and homogeneous, making it possible to manufacture wafers from any type of flour.

For cookie and cracker production, flours poor in protein with a weak gluten structure are most suitable. The dough from such flours should not shrink. By adding suitable proteases, flours rich in protein are also able to be used.

Our proteases are  a good alternative to achieve a similar dough relaxation as with sodium sulfite, which is no longer permitted for use in many countries.

Enzymes used in Biscuits, Crackers and Wafers are used as processing aids in the first steps of the manufacturing process and are deactivated during the baking step by the heat of the oven.

For these applications our product solutions are:

Special proteinase preparation with xylanase activity for fast liquid action of gluten in wafer batters. It reduces the batter viscosity thereby the water content can often be reduced by 10% as compared with untreated batter. This gives considerable savings in energy and improved quality and production safety.

Liquid proteinase preparation based on papain for the production of biscuits and crackers. The enzyme hydrolyses the gluten structure to such an extent that the dough looses its elastic properties, it is easy to laminate and does not shrink.

VERON® HPP is typically used to manufacture long life confectionery products. In biscuit and cracker-production VERON® HPP provides reduced dough resting times, with improved dough extensibility and dough handling The final products have an improved quality, e.g. pleasant brown colour, smooth surface, round edges and products of the desired packaging size and weight.