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ABE Detergent Enzyme Solutions – High Quality Detergents in Partnership with Enzyme Specialists


Customers want to manufacture high quality and effective detergent products. Enzymes provide a great, greener alternative for the traditional methods based on chemistry. ABE Detergent Enzyme Solutions want to enable customers with new business opportunities and long-term solutions, which meets and exceeds today’s tightening regulatory and consumer requirements.

AB Enzymes offers customized Detergent Enzyme Solutions, answering to the diverse needs of detergent industry. We focus on researching and developing specialized enzyme solutions, such as cellulases, mannanase and lipases, to enable our customers to truly stand out. In addition we have a portfolio of highly effective basic products comprising protease and amylase.

We utilize state-of-the-art technologies to create unique products that perform in low temperatures, remain stable under variable and extreme conditions, are cost-effective, remove difficult stains and have a neutral odor.

Cooperation Creates Success

 At AB Enzymes, we build our business in close cooperation with our partners. In 2011, we launched our Detergent Enzyme Solutions business unit, serving our customers with products under the Biotouch® brand name. These products enable the use of a broad range of storage and application conditions such as temperature, pH and different compositions.

With Biotouch® solutions, customers can reach high performance even in low washing temperatures (20-40 °C), while also taking care of the fabric’s longevity and even improving its quality.

AB Enzyme’s services are delivered either directly or through distributors. Our high performing and value-adding distributors offer comprehensive services also for the small and midsized companies.

Searching for New Innovations

Currently, we have over 50 experts working with R&D projects specifically targeted for new molecules, stability and innovations. We have over 450 patents, and invest more than 10 percent of our revenues in research and development of new enzymes each year either as own projects or together in partnership with our key customers and Research Institutes.

Biotouch® Product Line

  • Biotouch AML 900: amylase for liquid detergents
  • Biotouch ROC 250 LC: protease for liquid detergents
  • Biotouch DCL: cellulase for antigreying for liquid detergents
  • Biotouch FCL 75: cellulase for fabric and color care for liquid detergents
  • Biotouch DCC: granulated antigreying cellulase for detergent powders
  • Biotouch FCC 45: granulated fabric care cellulase for detergent powders

Please send us a message for further information on our Detergent enzyme solutions.