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Detergent Amylases

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Biotouch® Amylase Enzymes

Stains come in many forms. When you choose the right kind of enzyme to back up your laundry detergents, these stains can be effectively and safely removed in every home. AB Enzyme’s amylase is designed to give a whirl to the starch based stains that can lead to unwanted graying of garments. It leaves the fabric clean and enhances the overall whiteness of white clothing.

Biotouch® AML 900 – Excelling in Starch Removal

Biotouch® AML 900 is a high performing and powerful liquid amylase preparation for detergents.

It provides:

  • Excellent performance in breaking down starch containing stains, such as
    • Rice, potato, tapioca, wheat & corn
    • Cocoa
    • Processed food stains (containing starch as a thickener)
  • Ultimate whiteness for white garments

Biotouch® AML 900 washes effectively at high alkalinity and wide washing temperature, and tests show that it maintains its performance level well also over a longer storage time.


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