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Detergent Proteases

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Biotouch® Proteases

Today, consumers expect a lot from washing detergents. They want to have clean clothes after the first wash, every time, irrespective of stains or cleaning conditions. Our solutions exceed these needs. Furthermore, they are based on enzyme proteins, which are fully biodegradable and non-toxic to the environment.

We deliver tailored solutions for diverse needs:

  • Ultimate performance on difficult stains like egg yolk, grass and chocolate
  • Enabling low washing temperatures (20–40°C) and shorter washing cycles for energy and water saving
  • Highly stable: consistent performance throughout the storage and use period
  • Sustainable and environmentally sound
  • Optimum performance in both soft and hard water conditions
  • Providing cost stability compared to traditional mineral oil-based products

Biotouch® Detergent Proteases

Biotouch® ROC 250 LC is a liquid, light color protease preparation designed for liquid household laundry detergents. It is efficient in hydrolyzing insoluble protein stains into soluble peptides and amino acids, which can easily be removed from fabrics. Biotouch® ROC 250 LC removes effectively all common protein based household stains, and washing tests show that it delivers optimum performance already at 20–40°C. Biotouch® ROC 250 LC meets all the new standards for energy saving in modern household washing.

Protease Stability

One of the most important features affecting detergent performance is enzyme stability. The stability of Biotouch® ROC 250 LC is comparable to many standard detergent proteases on the market. According to our tests with commercial detergents, the performance of the protease remains stable after 18 weeks in challenging conditions, and the detergent provides the same high performance as a newly produced one.

High Performance in Various Conditions

The hardness / softness of the used washing water from one place to another have a major impact on the washing results. Hard water (caused by e.g. higher levels of calcium and magnesium) usually requires more soap and synthetic detergents for a good outcome. Unlike standard proteases in the market, Biotouch® ROC 250 LC is inert to the hardness of the water. It works excellently in both soft and hard water and offers a reliable solution under all conditions.


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