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Detergent Cellulases

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Biotouch® Cellulase Enzymes

Biotouch® cellulases are specially designed for household laundry detergents. Our solutions provide premium enzyme technology by delivering optimum laundry performance, combined with superior fabric care. Cellulase prohibits soil binding and has synergistic effects on soil removal when used in conjunction with other enzymes. It also reduces visible wear of new cotton fabrics and revives colors of used cotton fabrics.

Each cellulase type has a specific function. These include:

  • Antigreying and whitening
  • Fabric care
  • Prevention of unaesthetic pilling
  • Prevention of dulling of colors
  • Prolonging the wearing life of clothes

Biotouch® DCL Bright Laundry and Intense Colors

Biotouch® DCL enzyme has a great influence on antigreying and anti-redeposition of soil, already at low concentration levels. It keeps the laundry clear and bright for a longer time, and prevents black clothes from turning grey. Our products don’t have negative effect on tensile strength, even if used in higher concentration.

Biotouch® FCL 75 Ultimate Fabric Care

The Biotouch® FCL 75 enzyme keeps garments looking “as good as new” and attractive for a longer time. It reduces the visible wear and pilling of new cotton fabrics by cleaning the surface from loose fiber ends, resulting in improved, smoother feel. At the same time, it maintains fresh colors and even improves the color contrast of garments.

Cellulase Stability

In addition to the enzyme concentration level, washing time and temperature, enzyme stability is one of the most important features affecting detergent enzyme’s performance. Our tests show that the stability of both of our Biotouch® DCL and FCL 75 preparations meet the stringent requirements of the industry. For more details about optimal use of cellulases please refer to technical data sheet.


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