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Food & Specialties

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As professionals and experts, we understand how important it is for the food industry to develop cost-effective, nutritious products that are safe, natural and derived from sustainable resources.

Our specialty enzymes have been developed to help our customers successfully bring such products to the market.

COROLASE® is AB Enzymes’ dedicated brand developed for R&D managers who wish to modify proteins’ structures.

“Proteins” come from a Greek word which means primary importance. They have been described as the most essential component for life. Recent nutrition discoveries and the modern food industry have called for the need to process proteins to match the current challenge of competitively answering consumers’ expectations.

You may discover how COROLASE® may help you to address modern food issues.

In the case of beverage enzymes, AB Enzymes sells products for the following application areas:

• Fruit Processing
• Vegetable Processing
• Winemaking
• Cleaning of Ultrafiltration Membranes

We offer specially developed enzyme products for different application areas under the trademarks:


Why are enzymes used for fruit juices and other beverages?

The most important field of application for enzymes in the beverage industry is the extraction of fruit juice and vegetable juice. Pectinases, in particular, are employed for apple and pear juice and for juices made from berries and tropical fruits. They break down pectins found in the plant cell walls as supporting substances. This increases the quality of juice extracted and reduces fruit waste.

Enzymes can be used in winemaking to increase the preliminary juice extraction and to obtain more high-quality wine. Pectolytic (pectin degrading) enzymes ensure that the necessary clarification and filtration can be carried out. In the manufacturing of red wine, enzymes support the release of color and thus improve color extraction. They can also influence the taste of the wine.

A further field in the manufacturing of beverages where enzymes are employed is in the cleaning of ultrafiltration membranes. In the case of UF membranes which are increasingly being used in fruit juice industry, the combination of cellulase and protease produces excellent cleaning effects. Our products for brewing can compensate poor or variable quality malt; allow the use of high percentage of adjunct; decrease viscosity of mash and wort; improve filterability and prevent turbidity. ROHALASE® is the trademark for enzyme preparations that contains cellulases, hemicellulases and ß-glucanases. These enzymes are used for the degradation of non-starch-polysaccharides and can be applied for a lot of applications, e.g. starch processing, brewing, distilling and coffee extract production.Special enzymes such as phospholipase and lysophospholipase are also offered as ROHALASE® products.