COROLASE® APC is a bacterial alkaline endo-protease preparation ideal for hydrolysing proteins under neutral to alkaline pH and high temperature. It is recommended for the hydrolysis of a broad range of proteins from plant and animal origins.


COROLASE® APC is used to hydrolyse proteins over a broad pH-range. It is applied to improve the solubility, dispersity, and digestibility, especially of plant proteins. Plant protein hydrolysates can act as meat alternative (e.g., in sausages), substitute egg white as well as increase the protein content in fruit juices and sports nutrition products.

COROLASE® APC is mainly used for plant proteins when a low degree of hydrolysis is required.


  • Classical bacterial endo-protease that can be applied across a variety of plant and animal proteins
  • Works synergistically with COROLASE® 7089 and COROLASE® 8000 when a high degree of hydrolysis is required
  • Excellent performance in soy and pea protein hydrolysis


Declared enzyme: Alkaline bacterial endo-protease

pH-range: 6.5 - 11.0

Temperature range: up to 65°C

Physical form: Liquid

Quality grade: Food grade

Application examples

  • Plant protein hydrolysates

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