A clear, light coloured liquid mannanase enzyme preparation especially suitable for liquid household laundry detergent formulations. The enzyme provides effective removal of common thickener-based household stains such as chocolate pudding, mayonaise, ice cream and salad dressing.


BIOTOUCH® M7 hydrolyses mannan stains on the fabric and mannan gum soil residues in the wash liquor that act like dirt attractors. The mannanase enzyme delivers stability and excellent wash performance for liquid detergents. Washing trials demonstrate the brilliant performance of BIOTOUCH® M7 in removing thickener-based stains.


  • Top stain removal performance over wide temperature and pH range
  • Supports antigreying effect by reducing soil redeposition 
  • Very effective at low temperature washing both in soft and hard water
  • Excellent stability even in challenging liquid detergent formulations

Individual Enzyme Solutions For Individual Requirements

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