Liquid-formulated blend of concentrated fungal xylanase enzyme and beta-glucanase enzyme for hydrolyzing non-starch polysaccharides in wet-milled wheat and corn. ROHALASE® SEP is the best product choice for viscosity reduction and separation based on substrate and process conditions.


In grain processing: ROHALASE® SEP has been specially developed for wet-milled wheat processing. The enzyme hydrolyzes predominantly soluble xylans in the starch slurry, thus decreasing the viscosity and improving starch-gluten separation. The use of ROHALASE® SEP leads to higher yields of gluten and A-starch. The enzyme preparation is added with the process water during dough preparation. ROHALASE® SEP is free of proteolytic activity.


  • Reduced viscosity in starch-gluten separation processes
  • Optimized yield and purity of starch and gluten; increased proportion of A-starch
  • Reduced fresh-water consumption
  • Reduced energy consumption

Individual Enzyme Solutions For Individual Requirements

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