COROLASE® 8000 is a thermotolerant, liquid-formulated, food-grade, fungal alkaline protease enzyme preparation ideal for hydrolysing proteins under mildly alkaline conditions. Specifically, it is a serine endoprotease (thermomycolin) and can also be described as an endopeptidase. The product is unique and proprietary to AB Enzymes.


COROLASE® 8000 can be used for many types of protein hydrolysis, be it vegetal or animal in origin, to achieve a high degree of hydrolysis. COROLASE® 8000 is able to hydrolyse a broad range of proteins at and above a neutral pH. It may be used either on its own or in combination with other proteases or enzyme activities.

Typical applications include the hydrolysis of wheat gluten, soya protein, gelatin, and milk proteins, the recycling of meat offcuts, and the recovery of fish protein from byproducts.


  • High activity over a broad pH range and high optimum temperature of 70°C.
  • Excellent performance in meat and fish protein hydrolysis.
  • Works synergistically with COROLASE® 7089.

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