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AB Enzymes is a competent partner in delivering technically advanced enzyme formulations and concentrates for technical applications in the textile industry. We work closely with our clients to precisely understand their changing needs, and use that knowledge to deliver excellence in product development.

AB Enzymes offers a wide range of industrial Cellulases which are designed to set the highest quality norms, provide workable, cost-effective solutions and be consistent with the increasing need for efficient, clean and safe solutions.

BIOTOUCH® products have been developed for the biofinishing processes, while ECOSTONE® products are targeted mainly at the denim wash process. These products are globally available through our regional offices and distributors, as well as via our network of textile chemical formulator partners.

AB Enzymes’ products are offered at high concentration levels and are as such especially suitable for high quality formulations. ECOSTONE® and BIOTOUCH® enzymes are compatible with most chemical auxiliaries and allow textile chemical formulators to easily differentiate their products and enhance the performance of enzymes through formulation.


Denim Wash and Bio-Finishing


The ECOSTONE® range of products contains both neutral and acid enzymes in different concentrations, offering unique combinations that make AB Enzymes’ products highly effective in creating a rich variety of effects on denim. They give denim finishers the flexibility to use a wide range of washing parameters, depending on the precise requirements of the process.

Neutral ECOSTONE® products are notable for the superior results they achieve in backstaining and contrast and efficiency, regardless of the machinery used in the stone washing process. Acid Cellulases provide fast, cost-effective performance where high output is a key factor.

Our new ECOSTONE® LT300 is a high performance enzyme product which has been especially developed for formulators for low temperature processes. This breakthrough solution allows processing in low temperatures at neutral pH, which in turn either eliminates or reduces heating-related costs. The result is greater convenience and substantial savings for garment finishers.


Products for Formulations Enzyme type pH and Temperature
Ecostone L900 Cellulase (liquid) 4.5 – 6.0 / 40-65 °C
Ecostone HPL1800 Cellulase (liquid) 4.5 – 6.0 / 50-65 °C
Ecostone F7 Cellulase (powder) 6.0 – 7.5 / 40–65 °C
Ecostone LT300 LT Cellulase (powder) 5.5 – 7.5 / 20–50 °C



The BIOTOUCH® products, as a result of their high concentration levels, allow textile chemical formulators to produce tailor-made dilutions and formulations.

BIOTOUCH® products:

  • have been developed for the finishing processes of cellulose-based textile materials and their blends
  • result in treated fabrics and garments that are smooth, soft, visually appealing and have a better drape
  • clean the surface of the knits by removing the fiber ends and making the knit permanently pill free
  • result in finished knits that keep their shape and garments that look like new for longer
  • improve the moisture absorbency and make towels smooth and pleasant to use

Our BIOTOUCH® OSB7 is a high performance enzyme product for formulators who are looking for strong depilling performance when combining different processes under neutral conditions in textile mills. BIOTOUCH® OSB7 is the perfect choice for combining depilling with dyeing.


Products for Formulations Enzyme type pH and Temperature
Biotouch C800 Cellulase (liquid) 5.0 – 6.5 / 50 – 65 °C
Biotouch OSB7 Cellulase (liquid) 5.5 – 7.5 / 50 – 65 °C


In Harmony with the Environment

Environmental awareness is growing among consumers. As a result, the textile industry is being asked to adopt more eco-friendly processes.

ECOSTONE® and BIOTOUCH® enzymes are totally biodegradable and harmless to the environment. In addition, they offer an opportunity to replace harsh chemicals and unsustainable processes with more environmentally friendly methods, saving water, time and energy.

Please send us a message for further information on our Textile enzyme capabilities.