Grain and Oilseed Processing


AB Enzymes offers a range of non-starch polysaccharide enzyme products that are applied in the different grain and oilseed manufacturing processes to optimize efficiency and increase performance.

Our portfolio of enzyme products for starch processing allows you to choose between different types of xylanase, beta-glucanase and cellulase options, enabling you to optimize viscosity reduction, separation, or both. For glucose filtration and enzyme-assisted vegetable oil degumming, we offer the most cost-effective lyso-phospholipase and phospholipase enzymes available. 

Starch-Gluten Separation

Improve your key separation processes with AB Enzymes’ range of grain-processing enzymes.

Glucose Syrup Filtration

Improve your key filtration processes with AB Enzymes’ range of grain-processing enzymes.

Vegetable Oil Degumming

Improve the oil yield of your degumming process with AB Enzymes’ unique low-pH phospholipase enzyme. 


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