Dough Fermentation

Amylases, the classical baking enzymes, hydrolyse starch and create dextrins and sugars, which improve the yeast fermentation process in the dough and thus may improve dough processing, baking volume as well as crust browning. Select amylases in synergistic effect with xylanases produce stable, fluffy dough and voluminous loaves of bread with a soft and elastic crumb. As all-around enzymes, they can be utilised with the most varied baking methods and flour grades worldwide.

The best enzyme for the best purpose

Flours naturally contain varying amounts of amylase that may fluctuate from region to region and crop to crop. Therefore, our microbially produced amylase is a great tool for adjusting these natural variations in flour and ensuring consistent baking results. Amylase is used as a processing aid in the initial steps of the baking process and is deactivated by the oven’s heat during baking.

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VERON® M4 Concentrated fungal alpha-amylase for regulating gassing and speeding up fermentation properties.

Individual Enzyme Solutions For Individual Requirements

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