Plant-based Food


Plant-based eating and alternative proteins are on the rise and predicted to be rapidly growing within the next years. AB Enzymes’ product portfolio offers different enzyme solutions for plant-based food applications including functional plant protein hydrolysates and diary alternatives such as oat drinks.

Create appealing products for a trending market

Plant-based eating and alternative proteins are moving more and more into the focus of global consumers. Eating habits and diets continue to influence consumers’ larger health goals and research shows many shoppers purchase plant-based meat and/or dairy products as part of an healthy lifestyle.

According to a study conducted by Bloomberg in 2021 plant-based food alternatives are predicted to have explosive growth and may reach $162 billion by 2030 mainly driven by plant-based dairy and plant-based meat and fish alternatives.

The market is already offering a variety of plant-based products: from dairy alternatives such as oat milk, cheese, mayonnaise and ice cream to meat, seafood, and fish alternatives. The challenge: some products still lack attractiveness, as they compromise on eating or drinking experience due to taste, mouthfeel, or structure.

Our enzyme solutions can help make your plant-based products more appealing to consumers and exceed their needs and expectations by adjusting functional properties and improving sensory experience. 


Functional Plant Protein Hydrolysates

AB Enzymes' COROLASE® portfolio offers solutions for a variety of pulses and grains.

Plant-based Dairy Alternatives

AB Enzymes' offers several enzyme solutions for plant-based dairy alternatives like oat drinks.