Liquid-formulated fungal phospholipase-A2 enzyme for hydrolysing phospholipids to lyso-phospholipids in vegetable oils from soy, rape/canola, sunflower, cotton and mustard seeds, corn, rice bran and groundnuts at a low pH.


In vegetable oil processing: ROHALASE® PL-XTRA has been specifically developed for enzyme-assisted deep degumming at lower pH conditions while increasing oil yield. Crude seed oil needs to be refined for the removal of phospholipids, color, free fatty acids, odor and flavoring substances, sulfur compounds and metal ions. These impurities have a negative impact on further processing, taste and storage stability, and therefore must be reduced in the oil. Due to its low pH profile, ROHALASE® PL-XTRA permits one-step, enzyme-assisted degumming and helps minimise scale build-up in processing equipment, thus significantly reducing maintenance downtime.


  • Optimized oil yield in the degumming of vegetable oils
  • Reduced final phosphorus levels
  • Minimized fouling and scaling of equipment
  • Reduced maintenance downtime

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