Innovating for Your Needs

AB Enzymes is an industrial biotech company specialized in enzymes and their applications in focused markets.

Since 1907 we have been developing, manufacturing and supplying enzyme preparations for industrial applications worldwide. In strong partnerships, we provide the best solutions for our customers’ products and applications, increasing their business success.

Enzyme Expertise Meets Industry Insights

We partner with our diverse and unique customers all around the world and support them in their process optimisation needs.

The tradition and sustainable strength of our company and the affiliation to ABF Ingredients make us a safe choice for our partners, minimising their risk. Our constantly high product performance is an asset customers can rely on.

Our products range from food grade enzymes for baking and fruit juice processing, grains and vegetable oil seeds processing, to enzymes for animal feed and technical applications: pulp and paper, textiles and laundry detergents.

Open to New Solutions

In addition to our various proven products brands we are able to adapt or to tailor enzyme solutions to meet the functional and technical requirements of our customers. To ensure this, we have our own R&D labs and manufacturing facilities.

Our Experts Cover the World to Serve You

From North America to China – we strive to make customers all over the world successful by solutions that perfectly meet their needs. That is what we stand for. In practical terms, it means a global presence to always be there when needed:

Our Parent Company

ABF Ingredients (ABFI) is a division of Associated British Foods, comprising of a global community of ingredient companies operating under their own identities.

Fueled by high capabilities in innovation and supply chain agility, the business develops, produces and markets high value ingredients for a wide range of food, beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care and other industrial applications for customers worldwide.

Our Story

AB Enzymes was established in 1907 as part of Röhm and is now 100% owned by Associated British Foods since 1999. The pillars of this success are our unique agility as well as our historical ability to innovate: In 1907 we invented the first industrial enzyme for the leather industry, in 1934 the first enzyme for the food industry and in 1958 we launched our first enzyme for the milling and baking industry.

Our Vision of Target ZERO

The constant improvement of organizational, corporate and technical issues allows us to enhance the quality of our services and products. This forms the basis of optimizing our product and service quality as well as a high level of customer satisfaction –and is priority at AB Enzymes.

  • Zero waste: in respect of the carbon footprint, but also in respect of water and energy.
  • Zero defects: related to customer expectations.
  • Zero deviations: in respect of internal processes.
  • Zero LTI: in respect of health and safety.

Our Supply Chain

As a global player, we run a fully integrated, global end-to-end supply chain with the objective of reliably fulfilling customer demand with a supply of high quality products. We work hand-in-hand with our manufacturing organization in Finland, as well as with our global sales and marketing workforce and customers and distributors around the world. Our AB Enzymes customer service teams are located near you in our regional offices in Germany, the USA, in Brazil, Singapore and in China. We work with leading certified external partners along the supply chain to maintain the high standards that we set.

Our Manufacturing

Our manufacturing is done in deep co-operation with Finnish-based Roal Oy. Our facilities are located in Rajamäki, 50 km north of Finland´s capital Helsinki.

Trichoderma, Aspergillus and Bacillus fermentations are at the core of our production technology. Our products are supplied in liquid and solid forms. Enzymes are produced by a submerged fermentation process.

Continuous improvement is the key word in manufacturing and we are committed to keep on developing our processes and competences. At the plant, under the same roof with manufacturing there are also the quality control laboratory, procurement, logistics department and maintenance.

At our production site we continuously improve the environmental footprint of our process and products. By running our manufacturing operations efficiently and utilizing state-of-the-art technologies we can offer cost effective and lean ways to operate and ensure that our products meet international standards on quality on its broader sense and that they meet global food and feed safety standards.

Our Research and Application Development

AB Enzymes constantly seeks to improve its products, to find new applications where use of enzymes adds value and to discover novel molecules for the benefit of our customers.

Our scientists and technicians in the R&D group develop new and improved enzymes and proprietary technologies in order to maintain our competitive edge in innovative and high quality products. The R&D comprises specialists in molecular biology, biochemistry, microbiology, food chemistry and biotechnology. We currently invest about 10% of our annual revenue in R&D and our patent portfolio consists of more than 550 active patents or patent applications.