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Many of our people like the fast pace, the variety of work and challenges posed by customers, competition and by ourselves, and see them as an opportunity for personal and professional growth. We promote their potential and certainly do not want to place an artificial limitation on individual development. Therefore, we are demanding results but in a way that is motivating, team orientated and considerate. We encourage people to take responsibility for their priorities and use of time – without being prescriptive on how results are achieved.

We Aim to Do the Simple Things Well


  • We provide clarity of role and responsibilities – and what we expect of you.
  • These are adjusted twice per year in a performance review with your manager or supervisor.
  • Open direct everyday conversations with your manager or supervisor are a part of your routine.
  • We provide well-planned orientation programs where you are encouraged to seek out information and ask questions relevant to you and your new job.


  • We offer competitive salaries and in many cases performance related bonus plans.
  • We ensure timely recognition for a job well done.
  • We invest in professional training in selling, manufacturing and technology – and in industrial marketing, financial understanding and strategy development.


  • We rely on employee surveys to evaluate our strengths and weaknesses and level of progress – and use lessons learned to make our facilities a genuinely great place to work.
  • We offer the opportunity to be involved in step by step improvements to get your workplace closer and closer to being free of accidents and environmental incidents.

If you want to work as part of a focused, energized team of people – with a sense of community, enjoyment and real team spirit – contact us!

Working for AB Enzymes

Working for AB Enzymes

AB Enzymes is part of the ABF Ingredients group of companies. Our people think of themselves as being employees of their company first and ABF/ABFI second. This loyalty and sense of belonging to their company is very important – as it means our people are treated as individuals with their own unique contribution to make – and can make a real difference.

A Culture of Openness

Excessive controls in business quickly hinders enthusiasm, dynamism and a ‘can do’ culture. We seek to get the right balance between sensible controls/guidance and the freedom to act and move the business forward.

Giving our people clear accountabilities and leeway within a framework is a fundamental philosophy at AB Enzymes. Clarity of roles and responsibilities is crucial for a business team to function well.

Gender Equality

The Women’s Business Forum is made up of more than 30 women who regularly meet for development and networking.

Our mission is to support women at AB Enzymes and Roal, to develop and advance their personal growth and career and to ensure AB Enzymes and Roal make the best use of their professional talent pool. We provide insights and share experiences within a trustful environment for women in AB Enzymes and Roal.

Together we define gaps and needs and work together on developing and implementing tools for women to grow within the company in close collaboration and with the active support of the relevant functions within the company.

Our Way of Doing Business

First and foremost we create safe products to use – with our people working safely to develop, manufacture, dispatch, sell and market these products. We are on a journey of continuous improvement in all that we do: in safety, environmental affairs, quality, operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

Helping to make everyday products for everyday people to use sums us up well. We are not ‘flashy’ or boast about our capabilities – but we strive to build a global ingredients group that can compete with the best in our chosen market sectors and deliver an attractive return to our shareholders.

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