Biscuits, Crackers and Wafers

Enzymes as a sustainable and cost-effective solution

Biscuit, cracker, and wafer manufacturers encounter significant challenges as they strive to meet consumer demands for healthier choices while maintaining taste and texture, all while navigating cost-effective production with high quality ingredients and global supply chains.

Rising Demand for Healthier Choices and Sustainability Poses Challenges for  Manufacturers

Consumer insights reveal a growing preference for conscious indulgence and healthier choices with natural ingredients, while the sensory experience remains a key criteria. They also show growing awareness of the environmental impact of their food choices.
To address these demands, manufacturers face the challenge of balancing cost-effective production with high-quality ingredients, creating healthier options without sacrificing taste and texture, and managing complex global supply chains.
Our enzyme solutions can help as a sustainable and cost-effective solution to meet all these requirements.

Main benefits of enzymes in biscuit, cracker and wafer applications

  • Removal of additives
  • Cost optimisation and processability
  • Look & feel
  • Sustainability

VERON® Enzymes help to adapt to variations in raw materials, including wheat flour, alternative flours, different fats and oils, and the incorporation of whole grains. Enzymes such as proteases and xylanases provide you with the necessary tools to optimise dough properties, texture, and product quality, navigating raw material variations, and thereby offering greater flexibility in the manufacturing process.

Cellulases improve the processability of high fibre and whole grain raw materials and thereby enable health claims related to increased fibre content and promoting digestive health in whole meal, digestive biscuits and Graham crackers.

Enzymes, such as proteases and lipases provide alternatives to additives that may be perceived as undesirable by consumers. They allow for the creation of products with simpler ingredient lists while achieving the desired texture and crunchiness. Proteases, xylanases and amylases enhance the product’s visual appearance including shape, thickness, checking and colour.

In addition to an improved environmental impact of optimised product formulations enzymes also support sustainability by reducing waste, enhancing energy efficiency, conserving water and optimising raw material utilization.

Experience the full potential of our enzymes and make informed decisions tailored to your needs!

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