Liquid protease preparation designed for household laundry detergents. It is efficient in hydrolysing insoluble protein stains into soluble peptides and amino acids, which can be easily removed from fabrics.


BIOTOUCH® ROC DC effectively removes all common protein-based household stains. Washing tests show that it already delivers optimum performance at 20–40°C. It remains stable, even after 18 weeks in challenging conditions, meeting all the new standards for energy saving in modern household washing. Unlike standard proteases, it also works excellently in both soft and hard water, offering a reliable solution under all conditions.


  • Removal of difficult stains, such as egg yolk, grass and chocolate stains
  • High performance at low washing temperatures (20 –40°C)
  • High stability and consistent performance in storage and in use
  • Shorter washing cycles, resulting in energy and water savings

Individual Enzyme Solutions For Individual Requirements