Collagen, Gelatin and Collagen Peptides

AB Enzymes’ COROLASE® portfolio offers enzyme solutions that can be used to efficiently support the extraction of collagen and to produce collagen peptides.


Collagen is a large group of proteins, which are extracted from different animal sources such as hide, skin and bones mainly from beef and pork, and from aquatic sources such as fish skin, bones, swim bladders, and scales. They are essential components of many tissues in humans and other vertebrates.

Collagen is built out of three polypeptide chains which are wrapped around each other to form a triple-helical macro-molecule. With specific treatments, these molecules can be turned into gelatin and collagen peptides.


Gelatin is a pure natural protein, that is produced by heat treatment of collagen proteins extracted from animal sources. The traditional production of gelatin from different raw materials is a complex process that requires a lot of chemicals, water, and energy as well as long processing times. Using enzymes in the extraction process can have several benefits compared to traditional methods:

Advantages of enzymatic extraction

  • Less chemicals needed
  • Higher yield
  • Better bone-cleaning
  • Increased quality
  • More sustainable and economical

Collagen peptides

Collagen peptides are one of the leading ingredients from food & beverages to dietary supplements, cosmetics, personal care products and other applications. Collagen peptides are low molecular and bio-functional peptides with high solubility and digestibility.

Raising awareness about health and nutrition among consumers led to an increase in the demand for products containing collagen and collagen peptides and makes it a label-friendly ingredient that consumers know and trust.

AB Enzymes’ COROLASE® portfolio offers enzyme solutions that can be used to efficiently support the extraction of collagen and to produce collagen peptides. The benefits of enzymatic hydrolysis with COROLASE® to produce collagen peptides are:

COROLASE® benefits for the production of collagen peptides

  • Neutral taste
  • Specific degree of hydrolysis achievable
  • Defined, targeted molecular weight distribution
  • Offering analytical service for molecular weight determination
  • Process optimization
  • Easy implementation

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