Pulp and Paper


AB Enzymes is a competent partner in delivering technically advanced enzymes for applications in the pulp and paper industry.

We work closely with our customers to understand their changing needs precisely, and use that knowledge to deliver excellence in product development. Our state-of-the-art enzymes are used across a broad range of chemical and mechanical pulp applications for both paper and recycled grades. The enzymes enable pulp and paper producers to meet some of their major challenges, including those related to reducing costs, improving machine runnability and creating new or enhanced quality specifications, ultimately leading to increased mill profitability and competitiveness.

Our cellulases, for example, open the fibre surface to allow the pulp refiners to create fibrillation at lower energy levels while (as a result) causing less damage to the fiber. This makes it possible to save costs and optimise key quality parameters. On the other hand, xylanases give pulp manufacturers the opportunity to achieve the same pulp brightness while reducing yield loss and chemical demand. AB Enzymes’ ECOPULP® range of enzymes is the solution to these and many other challenges.

Our teams work in close collaboration with customers, research institutes and universities to create unique new products for both existing and next-generation pulp and paper applications. Supported by insights and knowledge gleaned by our sales and technical teams, our key objective is to develop environmentally and economically sound solutions which will benefit the pulp and paper industry.

Individual Enzyme Solutions For Individual Requirements

Our enzyme solutions are highly customizable. If you're not able to find a product that fits your needs, just contact us and we'll find it together.