Food grade, thermostable bacterial xylanase enzyme preparation for the effective hydrolysis of arabinoxylans. The major activity of ROHALASE® SEP-VISCO is a xylanase which hydrolyzes the arabinoxylans of cereal grains resulting in a decrease in water binding capacity and a lower viscosity. ROHALASE® SEP-VISCO is recommended for viscosity reduction in grain based ethanol processing and optimizing throughput in the mashing process.


In ethanol processing, ROHALASE® SEP-VISCO may be applied into the mash prior to liquefaction, non-starch–polysaccharides are hydrolyzed leading to low mash viscosity and allowing more grain and less water in the process. This offers an increase in throughput, improvements in separation and reduced water & energy consumption. The increase in dry solids content also results in a higher alcohol concentration after fermentation.


  • Higher ethanol concentration in fermentation
  • Higher ethanol output
  • Improved dewatering and evaporation
  • Overall optimized energy consumption

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