Food grade, thermostable bacterial xylanase enzyme preparation for the effective hydrolysis of arabinoxylans. The major activity of ROHALASE® SEP-VISCO is a xylanase which hydrolyses the arabinoxylans of cereal grains resulting in a decrease in water binding capacity and a lower viscosity. ROHALASE® SEP-VISCO is recommended for viscosity reduction in grain based ethanol processing and optimising throughput in the mashing process.


In ethanol processing, ROHALASE® SEP-VISCO may be applied into the mash prior to liquefaction, non-starch–polysaccharides are hydrolysed leading to low mash viscosity and allowing more grain and less water in the process. This offers an increase in throughput, improvements in separation and reduced water and energy consumption. The increase in dry solids content also results in a higher alcohol concentration after fermentation.


  • Higher ethanol concentration in fermentation
  • Higher ethanol output
  • Improved dewatering and evaporation
  • Overall optimized energy consumption

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