Liquid cellulase preparation designed for household laundry. BIOTOUCH® FLX is one of the most stable detergent enzymes ever seen: it provides worry-free high-performance anti-greying activity and full flexibility to optimise laundry detergent formulations.


BIOTOUCH® FLX is specially designed to show premium stability and top performance in liquid detergents. It is stable with the most common proteases and other chemicals in current liquid-detergent formulations. It performs consistently even in harsh conditions, such as storage at high temperatures. BIOTOUCH® FLX is produced using AB Enzymes’ latest technology, and demonstrates outstanding product quality and high compatibility with other detergent ingredients.


  • Excellent anti-greying action, even at low temperatures and harsh conditions

  • High protease resistance

  • Outstanding stability, even in challenging formulations and at high temperatures

  • Full flexibility to optimize laundry detergent formulations

  • Available as BIOTOUCH® FLX Zero preservative-free and BIOTOUCH® FLX1 containing preservatives


Individual Enzyme Solutions For Individual Requirements