Fruits, Vegetables, Juices and Wines


AB Enzymes tailor-made enzyme preparations are widely used in fruit and vegetable processing for many good reasons. They enable to increase yield, shorten processing time and improve product quality. Enzymes refine, upgrade and enhance a wide range of industrial processes for a variety of finished products and contribute to reducing waste and production costs. For already more than 85 years AB Enzymes is committed to develop products with and for customers and their applications.

Fruit and vegetable Juices

Focusing on yield is good, looking at efficient processing in the whole factory is better. Select the right product for your application from our rich product portfolio and get in touch with our experts to discuss the applications details.


AB Enzymes offers best-in-class products that are successfully applied in state-of-the-art wineries around the world. Our products accelerate your winemaking process, enhance quality and increase yields.

90 Years Anniversary of ROHAPECT®