Meat and Meat By-Products

Whether you target meat protein hydrolysates or extracts, collagen extraction or other applications, AB Enzymes’ COROLASE® portfolio offers specific enzyme products that allows you to select the right solution for your meat and meat by-product processing.

Get the most out of your animal protein with the help of enzymes

80 billion animals are slaughtered each year for meat. Meat and meat by-products are typically rich in protein and fat, which makes them difficult to process. During the process, many protein-rich by-products are produced, which can be further processed into meat protein concentrates, isolates or hydrolysates and other value-added products. Depending on the process and type of raw material, different applications are related, for example:

Meat protein extracts and hydrolysates (MPE/MPH)

Enhance flavours and increase palatability

In human nutrition, hydrolysed meat protein is used as flavour enhancer in different processed food areas such as sauces, gravies, and soups. It can also be used in functional and protein-rich foods to increase the nutritional benefits of the final product.

A common raw material to produce meat protein hydrolysates is gelatin, although all types of animal protein can be used. To produce MPE/MPH, a high degree of hydrolysis is required, which can be achieved by combining several protease enzymes.

For the application in pet food, protease enzymes provide excellent support in producing protein hydrolysates based on any slaughterhouse offal, including heads, viscera, lungs, etc., mostly from chickens and cattle, which results in better palatability of the final pet food.

Extraction of collagen and gelatin

Increase bone cleaning and maximise extraction and quality

For more information please visit Collagen, Gelatin and Collagen Peptides

Other related applications

Improve resource efficiency

  • Side-stream utilisation
  • Flavour enrichment
  • Fat rendering
  • Blood hydrolysis
  • Up-cycling of meat trimmings

AB Enzymes’ COROLASE® portfolio offers specific enzyme products that allows you to select the right solution for your meat and meat by-product processing.

Advantages of enzymatic hydrolysis for meat and meat by-products

  • Added value from side-streams and by-products
  • More environmentally friendly process by avoiding or reducing waste and chemicals
  • Improved separation of fat from raw material
  • Better hydrolysation of meat trimmings
  • Increased processability
  • Viscosity reduction
  • Improvement of solubility

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