Fish, Seafood and By-Products

AB Enzymes’ COROLASE® portfolio allows you to find the best solution for your fish, seafood and by-product processing, no matter if you target fish or seafood protein hydrolysates, fish oil yield, fish meal production, collagen extraction or other applications.

Valorise fish by-products with the help of enzymes

The global production of fish and seafood amounts to round about 200 million tons per year, whereby, the fish industry generates processing waste ranging from 27-60% worldwide.

Due to the limitations of natural resources, sustainable management and valorisation of side-streams and by-product waste is becoming increasingly important. Processing of by-products is often inefficient and relies too much on mechanical, thermal or chemical methods. Protease enzymes can optimise the process and increase the yield and value of fish by-products to obtain full value potential for different applications.



Fish Protein Hydrolysates

Obtain superior fish protein hydrolysates

The global fish protein hydrolysate (FPH) market is segmented by technology into enzymatic hydrolysis, acid hydrolysis, and autolysis. Enzymatic hydrolysis retains valuable fish nutrients and is the only way to produce FPH with peptides of defined molecular weight, the most important parameter for health applications.

The demand and use of FPH in pet food and human nutrition keeps growing and continues to drive the enzymatic hydrolysis approach, hence the demand for enzyme and technical processing know-how.

AB Enzymes supports customers with process developments and technical services to manufacture the right product from different fish sources.


  • Efficient and fast hydrolysis under mild conditions
  • Production of peptides with defined molecular weight down to 1000 kDa
  • Support and expertise in analysing peptides

Fish Oil Recovery

Maximise fish oil yield and purity

Fish oil is a key source of omega-3 fatty acids and can be marketed as nutritional source for human and animal nutrition. For maximising the yield and purity of fish oils, enzymatic processing is preferred to chemical hydrolysis as it is more specific and controlled. It can help to turn low-value by-products into high-value ingredients.

To maximise the value of the processing plant, oil levels of fish meal should be optimised. The application of protease enzymes improves efficiency of oil extraction and separation.


  • Improve oil yield and oil purity
  • Up to 6% more fish oil recovery under industrial conditions
  • Easy implementation, no capital expenditure required

Fish Meal Production

Reduce stick-water viscosity and save energy

High stick water viscosity is one of the main challenges in fish processing as it impairs the process and may lead to failures and problems during production. Viscosity is caused by water-soluble proteins, which can be split with the help of protease enzymes.


  • Viscosity reduction and improved evaporation of stick-water
  • High solids content of up to 55% in condensed fish soluble/stick water concentrate
  • Lower energy consumption in manufacturing
  • Reduction of equipment fouling and less cleaning cycles
  • Easy implementation and drop-in solution in existing processing lines

Collagen and Gelatin Extraction

For more information please visit Collagen, Gelatin and Collagen Peptides

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