Liquid formulated fungal lyso-phospholipase enzyme for degrading lyso-phospholipids in hydrolysed starch syrups.


In grain processing: ROHALASE® F has been specifically developed to improve filtration of hydrolysed wheat-starch syrups. Lyso-phospholipids have emulsifying properties, which frequently cause problems in the filtration of hydrolysed starch syrups, particularly those obtained from wheat. ROHALASE® F hydrolyses the lyso-phospholipids, forming a free fatty acid and a water-soluble glycerolphosphatide. The removal of lyso-phospholipids improves the filterability and clarity of hydrolysed starch syrups. ROHALASE® F also improves the filtration rate of syrups produced from cornstarch.


  • Reduction of the emulsifying properties of lyso-phospholipids
  • Improved filtration and final product clarity
  • Savings in overall processing costs

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