AB Enzymes supplies customers with long-term solutions that meet and exceed today’s increasingly stringent regulatory and consumer requirements. BIOTOUCH® : the solution for detergents comprehensively addresses the diverse and specific needs of the detergent industry. Enzymes provide an efficient and more sustainable alternative for manufacturing effective, high-quality detergent products.

Fabric maintenance and stain removal: enzymes that provide high performance for optimised, high-quality detergent products.

BIOTOUCH® detergent enzymes deliver unique solutions that perform over a broad range of temperatures, remain stable under variable and extreme conditions, are cost-effective, remove difficult stains and have a neutral odour. Our portfolio comprises a range of high-quality enzyme products and preparations, all manufactured using state-of-the art technologies that support sustainability and efforts for a cleaner environment, and reduce our own and customers’ environmental footprint.

Liquid Laundry Detergents

Stains come in many forms. With the right kind of enzyme in your laundry detergents, these stains can be effectively and safely removed in every household and industrial laundry. AB Enzymes supplies liquid mannanase, cellulase and protease enzyme products for stain removal and fabric care.

Powder Laundry Detergents

Today, consumers expect a lot from laundry detergents. Clothes should be clean after the first wash, every time, irrespective of stains or cleaning conditions. Our solutions meet and exceed these needs. AB Enzymes supplies granulated cellulase enzyme products for stain removal and fabric care.

Individual Enzyme Solutions For Individual Requirements

Please ask us for customised solutions.