Textile Enzymes


AB Enzymes produces a range of specialist cellulases for the textile industry, all of which are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards, provide workable, cost-effective solutions, and are consistent with the increasing need for efficient, clean and safe solutions in denim treatment and textile biofinishing.

Replacing harsh chemicals and unsustainable processes: enzymes enable environmentally friendly methods for denim treatment and innovative textile finishing, saving water, time and energy.

ECOSTONE® products have been developed for the finishing processes of cellulose-based textile fabrics and their blends. The range consists of neutral, acid and low temperature enzymes that are highly effective in biofinishing and in creating a rich variety of effects on denim, providing denim finishers with the flexibility to use a wide range of washing parameters, depending on the precise requirements of their processes.

They are available at high concentrations and are therefore especially suitable for the production of high-quality, tailor-made dilutions and formulations by textile chemical formulators. The products are compatible with most chemical auxiliaries and allow our customers to easily differentiate their products and enhance the performance of enzymes through formulation.

Individual Enzyme Solutions For Individual Requirements