COROLASE® 2TSN is a liquid-formulated, bacterial endo-protease enzyme preparation and our best choice for plant protein. The product is characterised by its ability to hydrolyse a broad range of substrates ideally at neutral pH and high temperatures.


COROLASE® 2TSN is used to hydrolyse a broad range of substrates and is mainly used for plant proteins. Hydrolysing plant proteins increases their solubility and improves their functional properties, which leads to better processing and improved properties of the end products.

COROLASE® 2TSN hydrolyses high-molecular-weight proteins into low-molecular-weight peptides and is characterised by its exceptional thermostability. The product can be applied at temperatures of up to 75°C, ensuring microbially stable and fast industrial processing. Typical applications include the production of hydrolysates of wheat gluten, soy protein or any other plant proteins.


  • Classical endo-protease for working temperatures of up to 75°C
  • Fast and high activity particularly in wheat gluten hydrolysis
  • Universally applicable across all plant protein types


Declared enzyme: Bacterial endo-protease

pH-range: 5.5 - 8.5

Temperature range: up to 75°C

Physical form: Liquid

Quality grade: Food grade

Application examples

  • Wheat gluten hydrolysis
  • Plant protein hydrolysis of different raw materials like pea, soy, faba bean, wheat, oat, and rice

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