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Noodles & Pasta

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AB Enzymes developed an enzymatic solution to be used in cereal food applications such as noodles & pasta, which are a very popular food in many parts of the world. These products demonstrate one of our innovations in the non-baking area. The use of enzymes help to overcome natural quality variations of the raw material, especially in those parts of the world where standard wheat flour instead of durum is being used. The processing / extrusion of the products can be improved as well.

Enzymes used in Noodle and Pasta are used as processing aids in the first steps of the manufacturing process and are deactivated during the high temperature drying step of dry noodle and pasta.

Our product offering for noodles and pasta improve product quality and offer a cost-saving instrument:

Xylanase used for the treatment of noodle products to improve processing, increase firmness and reduce oil absorption in instant noodles.

Xylanase product like VERON® N with additional lipolytic activity to improve processing, increase firmness and achieve a whiter colour.