AB Enzymes and Spedition Bode join forces in a new central set-up for warehousing, distribution, and product samples


AB Enzymes is pleased to announce that we have successfully completed the move of our European distribution center to Spedition Bode GmbH in Reinfeld, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. AB Enzymes and Bode already have a strong long-term relationship in terms of transportation, and have recently agreed to extend the collaboration to warehouse and product sampling services as well.

The European distribution center is located near Hamburg and is the outbound delivery point for product shipments to our customers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, global direct customers, and AB Enzymes’ regional warehouses and distribution partners in North America, South America, Asia Pacific, and China. The new distribution center will also handle the dispatch of product samples to customers worldwide.


Sven Prehn – Head of Customer Service and Logistics at AB Enzymes

This fits our global logistics strategy perfectly. The new set-up will strengthen AB Enzymes’ supply chain, both in Europe and worldwide, while giving us more flexibility. Bode’s expertise and modern facility gives us access to a wider range of warehousing services.

Dennis Petersen, Logistics Project Leader at Spedition Bode

As of November 1, 2018, our logistics center near Hamburg, which is located directly at the junction of Scandinavia and Central Europe in terms of transportation, will provide AB Enzymes with a wide range of logistics services. A separate area of our warehouse has been allocated exclusively to AB Enzymes. This comprises thousands of places on movable high-level racks (cooled and ambient temperature), plenty of loading ramps for instant loading/unloading of goods upon their arrival, and a lot of special equipment for handling enzymes. Our dedicated and well-trained warehouse staff ensures that the best possible service is always provided.

For more information about Spedition Bode, please visit their website: www.spedition-bode.de

Spedition Bode GmbH & Co. KG, Transport und Logistik, Feldstraße 2, 23858 Reinfeld (Schleswig-Holstein), Germany.