AB Enzymes Brazil takes the risk out of foreign trade operations


AB Enzymes Brazil has gained an internationally recognised certification that gives it credibility as having the highest levels of logistics efficiency and being a safe, trustworthy company with which to do business.

The Brazilian Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) focuses on security and compliance, and AB Enzymes achieved certification in both areas.

Érica Nakaharada, Regional Supply Chain Manager, AB Enzymes Brazil was responsible for getting the documentation and procedures in place. She said: “This achievement is important for us as it will make importing of enzymes from AB Enzymes Germany to us in South America far more efficient with streamlined processes. It will reduce the bureaucratisation of customs clearance and, therefore, reduce lead times.” Typically, the lead times for importing goods has gone from 7 to 10 days to 3 to 5 days.

Érica started the certification journey in 2018, which involved gathering evidence, and complying and documenting procedures. A member of her team assisted her, but she said everyone in the office was involved one way or another. In March 2019 the documentation was submitted to the government, inspectors visited to ensure compliance was being upheld and six months later, in September, the certification was awarded.

“The AEO certification has many benefits for AB Enzymes,” said Érica. “For the business it has simplified processes, making our import and export procedures more agile and speeding up customs clearance. We have lower rates of document and physical controls for both import and export operations, and we have permission to submit the import declaration prior to the goods arrival."

“The internationally recognised AEO program will help promote Brazil as a safe country with which to trade to the foreign market, attracting more Investment,” she concluded.