AB Enzymes is showing year-over-year improvement in customer satisfaction


After five rounds of customer surveys that started in 2014, AB Enzymes is showing consistently high levels of customer satisfaction. The survey has a very high response rate and above-average ratings in comparison with industry benchmarks, and steadily improves with each round.

Kathryn Shirley, Senior Consultant, The Customer Relationship Consultancy (CRC), Windsor UK

The Referral Rating is a customer feedback program designed to help companies gain regular insight into their key business relationships. Every year we reach out to AB Enzymes’ customers to ask them how they rate the organization and what AB Enzymes are  doing well or could be doing better. Customers provide feedback on many aspects such as product quality, supply, flexibility, innovation, and competencies. We also advise AB Enzymes on how they are perceived regarding their core values of Ambition, Reliability, and Togetherness, so that they can continually strive to improve on all the key areas that are important to their customers.

Martin Schaffrannek, Global Sales Director, AB Enzymes Germany

Our customers and partners value AB Enzymes for our product quality, technical competencies, responsiveness, open communication, and cooperation. We are very proud of this result, but are also aware that we have to continue working on honing our capabilities. Our top motivation is to listen to our customers, both through surveys and daily interaction. This enables us to further develop our products and services according to market needs. Our goal is to remain the number one choice for our customers.

About CRC: The Customer Relationship Consultancy is a specialist consultancy that works with companies within the B2B marketplace to help them better manage their key customer relationships. CRC work with large multinational manufacturers and brand owners, providing a simple two-question feedback program that gives companies a regular temperature check on the state of their customer relationships, helps them identify emerging problem areas, and allows them to raise the bar of customer management across the organization.