AB Enzymes launches BIOTOUCH® FLX1 cellulase, which combines high performance with full flexibility in optimizing laundry detergent formulations.


Today at the SEPAWA Detergent Congress in Berlin, AB Enzymes will launch the latest anti-greying (or better: whitening) cellulase enzyme, by giving a presentation titled: “The newest member of the BIOTOUCH® product family combines high performance with full flexibility in optimizing your formulation.”

Dr. Hendrik Hellmuth, Product Director Detergent Enzymes at AB Enzymes:

To allow for flexibility in formulating laundry detergents, modern detergent enzymes not only have to perform excellently even under harsh storage conditions like high temperatures—they should also be stable in the presence of potentially degrading substances, e.g., multiple classes of surfactants as well as protease enzymes. Overall, enzymes have to show a high compatibility with other detergent ingredients. AB Enzymes’s newest BIOTOUCH® enzyme was developed for premium stability and cutting-edge performance in liquid detergents. BIOTOUCH® FLX1 is the outcome of our latest enzyme stability optimization innovation program, which has resulted in tremendous improvements of the molecule properties. This product is one of the most stable enzymes we have ever seen: it will give our customers worry-free high-performance anti-greying activity and full flexibility to optimize their formulations.

On Thursday morning, October 11th, in the Estrel Congress & Exhibition Center in Berlin, Dr. Hellmuth’s presentation will focus on the development work by AB Enzymes, the challenges to formulation stability and the methodology used for achieving the product benefits for both the detergent formulator and the consumer.

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