AB Enzymes launches ROHALASE® SEPARATION for Starch Processing


We are very pleased to announce the launch of the latest addition to our ROHALASE® grain processing enzyme portfolio. ROHALASE® SEPARATION is a food-grade enzyme product specifically developed for wheat-starch–gluten separation processes. Using ROHALASE® SEPARATION provides many benefits, including reduced viscosity, optimized separation of starch and gluten phases, reduced fresh-water consumption, and reduced energy consumption.

Non-starch polysaccharides (NSPs) in wheat are long polymers responsible for high viscosities due to their high water-binding capacity. Using NSP-hydrolyzing enzymes like beta-glucanase and xylanase breaks down these polymers and lowers dough viscosity, thus improving the overall wheat-starch-gluten separation.


Nina Schrögel-Truxius, Technical Service Manager Food Enzymes at AB Enzymes

There are subtle as well as significant differences between wheat-starch–gluten separation processes at different manufacturing locations around the world. Since the global trend towards utilizing vegetable protein is driving the further optimization of these processes, we are constantly improving our portfolio. ROHALASE® SEPARATION is the result of intensive research and application development at AB Enzymes. It provides our customers with the best-in-class enzyme product to fully optimize their wheat-starch–gluten separation process.