Expansion and upgrading of The Roal Oy enzyme manufacturing site now complete


Roal Oy, based in Rajamaki Finland, has undergone a major upgrade and expansion during the last three years. The project is now complete and has resulted in a significant manufacturing capacity increase available to its customers. Roal Oy has sole distribution agreement with AB Enzymes, based in Darmstadt Germany. 

Pekka Kekki, Managing Director at Roal Oy

We planned to increase our fermentation capacity by >40% and even double our downstream capacity in order to avoid seasonal bottlenecks at the factory. At same time we made major upgrades to our down-stream process. This was our largest expansion project ever and it was completed well within the planned timeline. I’m proud of the excellent team work that made this all happen, while simultaneously business-as-usual was ongoing.

Martin Klavs Nielsen, CEO at AB Enzymes

This important accomplishment perfectly allows us to further grow in food, feed and technical enzyme markets and enables us to deliver upon our strategy. More and more customers around the world give their enzyme business to us and trust we can deliver their orders on-time-in-full for the many enzyme products and blends that we offer. We believe our capabilities and position in the enzymes markets have definitely strengthened and we are ready for the future. We gladly invite our customers to visit us in Finland and have a look at this impressive accomplishment.

All systems in the new factory are fully automated and comply with the latest certifications and accreditations applicable in enzyme manufacturing for the food, feed and technical enzyme markets.