Health, safety and wellbeing

In alignment with SDG 3 (Good Health and Wellbeing), we prioritise the protection of our people at work. We instil our health and safety approach throughout our whole organisation, from leadership to every employee, contractor and partner.

A systematic approach to health and safety

We've committed to a clear set of guidelines that govern our approach to health and safety practices. The procedures ensure we manage operational risk, deliver positive safety cultures, provide safe working places, embed sustainable systems and ensure material safety. Our integrated management system addresses, monitors and controls all health and safety aspects across AB Enzymes.

The Six Safety Essentials, developed jointly with ABFI, identify core safety considerations across our working environments. It’s a tool that helps us visualise the safety behaviours and a framework to brief our employees and contractors and provide a system that quickly addresses potential hazards. Its effectiveness is proven. For example, between 2009 and 2021, we completed five significant extension, construction and demolition projects at our Roal Oy production site in Rajamäki, Finland. By enforcing stringent contractor selection policies and training and implementing thorough safety routines, there have been zero Lost Time Injuries for these projects.

Safely handling enzymes

Enzymes are potent proteins that have wide-ranging applications. Yet they must be handled with caution during manufacturing to avoid exposure to airborne dust or aerosols containing enzymes that can cause potential immune responses or irritations. We effectively minimise the risks with appropriate exposure control methods.

AB Enzymes is part of the Association of Manufacturers & Formulators of Enzyme Products (AMFEP) and follows stringent and detailed guidelines on the safe handling of enzymes.

Employee wellbeing

As part of our duty of care, we believe in supporting the wellbeing of all who work with AB Enzymes. We treat everyone equally and our activities always include our contractors and freelancers. Our employee survey reveals that our people were highly satisfied with how we handled the wellbeing risks the COVID-19 pandemic posed and the safeguards we put in place.

Engaging our workforce

Our workforce is engaged in the safe operation of our sites, and their commitment has been recognised by our parent division, ABF Ingredients, in the annual Health and Safety Recognition Awards.

Individuals within our organisation feel empowered to make suggestions and changes to their working practices. We believe an engaged and safe workforce is critical to our success as a business, and we align our work in this area to SDG 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth). We provide good opportunities, appropriate training and development and a safe workplace with high safety  standards embedded in our culture.

Our certifications

At our Roal Oy production site in Finland, we have all the measures needed to monitor and record our health and safety standards, together with mechanisms to report them. The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health has noticed our safety diligence and celebrated our industry-leading health and safety performance level.

We are ISO45001 certified, which recognises that our health and safety framework goes beyond reducing the number of accidents and illnesses - it simultaneously and actively promotes health and happiness at work.