Crumb Softness & Texture

One of the main requirements for the industrial production of packaged bread is improved softness in both appearance and taste in order to meet consumer expectations. Consumers want bread that still looks, tastes, and smells freshly baked, even after a certain period of storage.

The best enzyme for the best purpose

We carefully selected starch-degrading amylases and enzyme products with secondary activities to improve the structure of the dough, permitting prolonged freshness or a longer shelf life. Our enzymes specifically cleave the starch structure and other constituents in a way that greatly improves retrogradation, crumb softness, and texture.

Related products

VERON® 1000 Bacterial alpha-amylase for the sensory and textural modification of crumb.

VERON® AC Alpha-amylase for the regulation of gassing and acceleration of fermentation properties – strong in combination with maltogenic amylases.

VERON® BA Concentrated bacterial amylase for improvement of crumb softness, moistness and texture.

VERON® Soft+ Classic amylase solution for crumb softness without compromising resiliency.

VERON® ESL Classic bacterial amylase solution to obtain improved crumb softness in yeast-raised baked goods.

VERON® Amylofresh Economic maltogenic amylase complex for short-shelf-life applications with improved crumb softness and “freshly baked” mouthfeel.

VERON® MAC Maltogenic amylase to improve long term shelf life and resiliency of yeast-raised goods.

Individual Enzyme Solutions For Individual Requirements

Our enzyme solutions are highly customizable. If you're not able to find a product that fits your needs, just contact us and we'll find it together.