High-fibre and Rye Breads

With consumers becoming increasingly health conscious, high-fibre and rye breads have become more popular. AB Enzymes has solutions that assist manufacturers in producing products to meet this market trend. High proportions of fibers like bran or rye interfere with the balanced ratio of starch, gluten and pentosans in the dough, and reduce the baking capacity. For this purpose, vital wheat gluten is often added to formulations for these types of bread.

VERON® RYEO will help you to create superior rye based products with optimised rheological properties.

This new enzyme is resulting in an easier to handle rye dough with a firmer and drier structure not otherwise achievable. The doughs manufactured using VERON® RYEO are dry, stable and excellently processable - rye dough processing has never been easier.

The best enzyme for the best purpose

Our enzymes with specially selected hemicellulase and transglutaminase activities are capable of stabilising the flour to achieve a satisfactory baking result. VERON® HF is also suitable as a partial or full gluten replacement, which allows for potential cost savings without compromising dough stability. Enzymes used in rye and high-fibre applications are used as processing aids in the initial steps of the baking process and are deactivated by the oven’s heat during baking.

Related products

VERON® HF Xylanase/cellulase preparation with additional transglutaminase activity that shows extraordinarily good performance in mixed-flour systems with rye flour and fibre components. It produces dry, fluffy and stable dough, and gives an improved bread shape.

VERON® RYE Cellulase preparation used for rye bread production to obtain dry and process-ready dough properties with excellent fermentation stability. When using VERON® RYE, the baking volume increases significantly.

Individual Enzyme Solutions For Individual Requirements

Our enzyme solutions are highly customisable. If you're not able to find a product that fits your needs, just contact us and we'll find it together.