Carbon Neutral Detergent Enzymes


Take positive climate action with BIOTOUCH® enzyme solutions. AB Enzymes provides a carbon neutral portfolio of high-quality enzyme solutions for detergent applications. The BIOTOUCH® range is especially designed to be highly stable under a broad range of conditions, while delivering outstanding washing performance even at low temperatures (20-40°C).

BIOTOUCH® portfolio is carbon neutral in China

AB Enzymes provides a carbon neutral portfolio of high-quality enzyme solutions for detergent applications. The BIOTOUCH® range is especially designed to be highly stable under a broad range of storage, formulation, and application conditions, while delivering outstanding washing performance even at low temperatures (20-40°C).

BIOTOUCH® products are free from BIT and other biocides, while still achieving the same high-quality standards the industry expects. Now, AB Enzymes can offer even more in China: a range of fully carbon neutral BIOTOUCH® products, further enhancing detergent manufacturers’ ability to deliver sustainable products with full functionality.

Positive change for the environment

With the help of ClimatePartner, a leading solutions provider for climate action, AB Enzymes measured their carbon emissions and calculated the carbon footprint. Where possible, the company reduces and avoids emissions generated as part of their business activities. Where carbon emissions are unavoidable, AB Enzymes compensates for these emissions by supporting carbon offset projects.

Science-based approach

AB Enzymes has been using a scientific approach to quantify the greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions resulting from BIOTOUCH® products. The calculation methodology follows the GHG Protocol and is closely aligned with ISO 14064/PAS 2060 standards. The carbon-offsetting process, certified by the „carbon-neutral product“ label, is verified every year by TÜV Austria, an international specialist in environmental matters.

Independent "carbon neutral" label

AB Enzymes’ BIOTOUCH® portfolio is now independently certified and marked with the label "carbon neutral" supporting detergent manufacturers to decrease their environmental impact, strengthen their customers’ trust and create a positive change for the environment.

How the offsetting process works

1. Calculation of greenhouse-gas emissions

Together with ClimatePartner, we have measured the carbon emissions that occur during the manufacture, transportation, and disposal of our enzyme products: this is known as Product Carbon Footprint.

2. Avoidance and reduction

Where possible, we avoid and reduce our CO2 emissions. We have already implemented ambitious emission-reduction plans for our manufacturing processes. These changes in production processes have led to significant reductions in energy consumption, the amount of effluent produced, and chemicals consumed for each unit of enzyme product produced.

  • New, circular solutions have been implemented for handling side streams and waste streams in production, which have resulted in ~90% reductions in greenhouse-gas emissions as compared to disposal using alternative methods. Today, in total 95% of our waste is recycled. However, our products still have a residual impact that we offset with high-quality climate projects.
  • We offset all unavoidable CO2 emissions from the BIOTOUCH® product portfolio by supporting a climate action project. As a result, the BIOTOUCH® products are certified carbon neutral. Climate action projects save CO2 emissions – for example, through reforestation or the replacement of harmful technologies with climate-friendly alternatives. More information about our climate protection project can be found at

3. The independent label "carbon neutral"

All BIOTOUCH® products are certified with the independent “carbon neutral” label, awarded by Climate Partner, based on the well-founded and scientific assessment of our GHG-emissions and carbon-offset projects. This provides our customers with full transparency regarding the carbon neutrality of our products and enables our customers to understand how our products have become carbon neutral and learn more about the climate action project we support.

Gold-standard carbon-offset project in China

We have carefully selected a carbon-compensation project that tackles the root cause of climate change, aligns with the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals, and brings additional benefits to local communities. The climate action project is certified according to international standards.

The project selected and supported by AB Enzymes provides an independent and emissions-free energy source for farmers and rural households in Haikou, China. With the help of biogas digesters, farmers can handle organic waste to produce biogas to meet one household’s thermal energy demand. Previously the organic matter resulting from farming was stored in open pits, causing methane to escape into the atmosphere.

Further information can be found at:

Biology-based solutions for more sustainable detergent applications

Advances in enzyme technology, specifically by using protein engineering and molecular biology techniques to make use of enzymes in laundry detergents, have made it possible to wash clothes at lower temperatures without compromising on cleaning performance. By allowing consumers to wash at lower temperatures, less heating energy is consumed in heating the laundry water. Furthermore, the enzymes we supply for laundry detergents do not have added biocides. This ensures that the wastewater returned to watercourses does not damage ecosystems and biodiversity.

Adding AB Enzymes’ BIOTOUCH® enzymes to laundry detergents unlocks a potential saving of up to 260 kWh per 1,000 washing cycles, equivalent to 120 kg of CO2e. This is because the enzymes enable consumers to use a lower washing temperature, while still achieving the same cleaning performance as before, or even better. A decrease in average washing temperature of up to 13°C is possible. Extrapolated to global sales of BIOTOUCH®, this equates to a reduction of approximately 635,000 tonnes of CO2e or the equivalent of the emissions generated by driving a car 49,000 times around the globe.*

*Calculations for avoided emissions conducted by ClimatePartner, 2022.

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