ROHALASE® Barley L for plant drinks

ROHALASE® BARLEY L is a liquid cellulase enzyme solution which is used for fibre hydrolysis and viscosity reduction in plant-based milk alternatives like oat drinks.

Hydrolyse fibres and reduce viscosity

Fibres, also called non-starch-polysaccharides (NSPs), are an important part of grains. Due to their high water-binding capacity, these fibres can increase the viscosity in cereal drinks significantly.

ROHALASE® BARLEY L hydrolyses fibres and is used to reduce viscosity in plant-based milk alternatives like oat drinks. The product is mainly active on glucan-based fibres but does also have activities towards cellulose and xylan, which leads to a fast and efficient fibre degradation. Particularly in concentrate production, the fibres need to be degraded for efficient processing.


  • Fast degradation of fibres in plant-based milk alternatives
  • Low viscosity product for easy processing
  • Improvement of taste and texture in plant drinks


Declared enzyme: Beta-Glucanase

pH-range: 3.0 - 7.0

Temperature range: up to 60°C

Physical form: Liquid

Quality grade: Food grade

Application examples

  • Fibre hydrolysis in plant milk alternatives like oat drinks
  • Production of low-viscosity plant-based drink concentrates

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