AMFEP publishes new guidelines on the Safe Handling of Enzymes in the Bakery Supply Chain


We are pleased to share the news that the Joint Enzyme Safety Working Group (AFES) – of the Association of Manufactures and Formulators of Enzyme Products (AMFEP) and the Federation of European Union Manufacturers and Suppliers of Ingredients to the Bakery, Confectionery and Patisserie Industries (FEDIMA) – has recently published: “Guidelines on the Safe Handling of Enzymes in the Bakery Supply Chain”. AB Enzymes is a full member of AMFEP and Mr. Antti Alanen, Safety & Security Manager, is co-author of the publication.

Antti Alanen, Safety & Security Manager, AB Enzymes, Finland

The new guidelines provide clear and straightforward practices in a specific industry where special attention is required for the safety of those handling products that contain enzymes. It also shows that the different partners in the entire supply chain consider safety an integral element of the highest priority.

Oscar Diez, Product Director Baking Enzymes, AB Enzymes, Germany

I congratulate my colleague and the other contributors for the great teamwork and accomplishment! The quality and safety of our products, and their handling, which are preconditions in the baking industry, have always been a high priority for AB Enzymes. It’s also good to see that the industry as a whole has chosen to jointly set standards that aim for the long-term health and well-being of all involved.

The full publication is available on the AMFEP website.