VERON® RYEO: Optimise your dough rheology


New enzyme technology improves dough handling in rye bread processing

AB Enzymes announces the launch of a new product in its range of enzymes for rye applications. VERON® RYEO will help bread improver manufacturers to create superior rye based products with optimised rheological properties.

Dr. Alexander Henrich, Application Development Director Bake

VERON® RYEO is a next-generation product tailored to the technological demands of rye dough processing in artisanal and industrial environments. It enables producers of functional baking ingredients to formulate novel rye bread improvers for easier dough handling compared to previously available enzyme technology.

Detailed customer feedback showed that the most challenging factors for processing doughs with a high rye content are their sticky dough surface and the lack of viscoelastic properties.

Dr. Alexander Henrich, Application Devlopement Director Bake

AB Enzymes’ VERON® RYEO is based on a novel patent pending enzyme family that has shown a superior mode of action in rye applications as compared to other enzyme classes typically used in these applications. This new enzyme is resulting in an easier to handle rye dough with a firmer and drier structure not otherwise achievable.

Better performance with benefits for the bakers

Oscar Diez, Business Director Bake

VERON® RYEO covers the bread improver manufacturers’ needs to innovate, develop and broaden their product range. This new generation of improvers will give bakers a clearly advanced performance in processes with doughs containing high amounts of rye flour.

VERON® RYEO is the innovative step towards modern rye bread processing. It is intended for all European regions with high consumption of rye bread.

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