COROLASE® 7089 is a liquid-formulated, bacterial endopeptidase enzyme preparation. The product is characterised by its ability to hydrolyse a broad range of substrates, at neutral pH.


COROLASE® 7089 is used for the hydrolysis of proteins from several animal and plant sources. It hydrolyses high-molecular-weight proteins into low-molecular-weight peptides. Typical applications include the production of hydrolysates from wheat gluten, soy protein, gelatin or collagen, but also the recovery of animal protein from by-products. It is ideally suited for protein hydrolysis applications without pH adjustments, preferably around a neutral pH.

COROLASE® 7089 may be used either as a single enzyme or in combination with other proteases depending on the targets to be achieved.


  • Classical bacterial endo-protease to be applied across a variety of plant and animal proteins
  • Very good flavour profile, particularly for hydrolysates from animal proteins such as collagen
  • For high degree hydrolysis the product works synergistically with COROLASE® 8000


Declared enzyme: Bacterial endo-protease

pH-range: 5.5 - 8.5

Temperature range: up to 60°C

Physical form: Liquid

Quality grade: Food grade

Application examples

  • Production of collagen peptides
  • Recovery of animal protein from by-products
  • Fish meal/stick water
  • Krill processing
  • Plant protein hydrolysates
  • Plant protein modification for their optimised use in ice cream, milk alternatives and others

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